Editorial Policy

JAD is in transition and has suspended accepting papers. Please send an email to samponsa@tiu.ac.jp if you have questions.

The Journal of African Development (JAD), formerly Journal of African Finance & Economic Development (JAFED), is dedicated to publishing high quality articles on topics reflecting various aspects of financial and economic development, as well as international business in Africa, including accounting, finance, marketing, management, real estate, as well as social, political, and technological problems related to African finance and development.

Although the overriding criterion for publication in the JAD is “knowledge gain” about issues important to the economic development of Africa, the Journal is open to, and indeed encourages, a wide range of emergent methods and conceptual approaches within the realm of African finance and development. The goal is to make the JAD an open-minded, fair and receptive vehicle for high quality, innovative development policy recommendations, regardless of the method, theory, or disciplinary origin.

Policy on reproduction

Because a major goal of JAD is to disseminate the research efforts of our authors and to make their work as widely available as possible to policy makers, professors, and students, JAD hereby grants blanket permission to photocopy the material it publishes if that material is to be used for non-profit purposes. This permission covers tables, figures, charts and full-length articles, as well as multiple copies of articles. All copies must indicate the Volume and issue of JAD from which they were copied. Persons intending to photocopy JAD material for non-profit use are not required to give notice or remit copying fees. However, please note that permission is still necessary (and fees are usually charged) for JAD material that is to be published elsewhere or used for profit oriented activities by individuals or organizations.